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DIY vs Hiring a Handyman: Advantages vs Disadvantages


When something breaks in your home often the first question people ask is “can I fix this myself?” Some jobs could easily be done at home by anyone with a set of basic tools and know-how. But is it really THAT easy? This article will discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of DIY vs Hiring a Handyman to perform these tasks.


DIY is called do-it-yourself. These are simpler tasks that can be done by anyone within their home. There are several toolkits available in the market which makes DIY easy. Tasks such as small plumbing, electrical, painting and flooring are some common DIY tasks. DIY has certain advantages such as cost-effectiveness, learning new skills and having a sense of accomplishment knowing that you built that yourself. Cost-effectiveness in the sense that you only need to buy the materials and possibly some tools if you don’t already have tools at home. This can save you quite a bit of money since you don’t have to pay someone else to do it for you. Secondly, when you do something new, you are always learning and gaining new skills that you can hone over time. By doing things myself, I have always noticed that I get a great sense of accomplishment and pride out of it.

On the contrary, some disadvantages might help analyze carefully the balance between DIY and handyman. The first disadvantage is the lack of expertise. Some people doing a job at home are not always experts in the given task therefore they may become easily overwhelmed and not finish the task. Also, people who don’t have experience with the task could end up taking more time and or possibly installing something wrong causing rework to have to be done. This becomes time-consuming for the individual when doing a DIY job and many people have families and don’t have this kind of time or they simply are not able to do it themselves for whatever reason. You might also not follow all safety protocols and end up injuring yourself.


A handyman is a skilled worker who performs various home repair and maintenance tasks that don’t require specialized expertise or a licensed professional. One of the biggest advantages of hiring a handyman is that they possess the necessary skill to carry out a task safely and timely. Moreover, they are professionals and take pride in their work. Hiring someone to do your tasks for you can also free up your time to spend with family or do more important tasks.

On the other hand, some handyman services can be expensive. Since these are trained and skilled individuals, they could charge a high price for simple maintenance tasks. So, if you’re cost-conscious, you wouldn’t necessarily want to hire a handyman for something as easy as changing a light bulb. Secondly, having to rely on someone for a simple job can be overburdening. You would have to coordinate either being home or allowing access to your home for them and if they are not available once they start a job, your work may remain idle. Moreover, people find it difficult to find a trustworthy handyman. Trustworthy handymen are like diamonds – rare to find and keep. You must have trust in their work to make them reliable.

Comparison Factors

This section discusses the epitome of your analysis and factors to consider on what to choose between DIY and handyman. It includes task complexity, budget, time and personal preference. When assessing task complexity, you must analyze all aspects of the task and if it can be done by yourself or not. If the task is simple, DIY can be considered. Secondly, you need to assess your budget. If you don’t have to worry about budget, why not hire a professional handyman service that not only makes the task easy, but less time-consuming as well? Thirdly, time is the most important factor. Experts who know a job well would take much less time as compared to individuals doing it for the first time. So, if you want your time to be perfectly utilized, you should always consider hiring a handyman. Lastly, it is your personal preference. If it fascinates you to do the task yourself, go ahead and try the DIY method. But if you think that the risk is greater than the benefit, go for a professional handyman service.