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The Dos and Don’ts of Hiring a Handyman


Hiring a handyman can be a tough task. For highly skilled tasks that are complex in nature requiring specialized work handymen are certainly capable of carrying out these tasks. Handymen are experts in their craft and are often insured that do renovation, remodeling, repair and maintenance tasks. It is an important task to take care of some considerations before hiring a handyman for a service. This article outlines the important dos and don’ts of hiring a handyman that you should keep in mind the next time your house needs repair or maintenance work.

Dos of Hiring Handyman

First things first; do your research and get recommendations. It is important to do proper homework before hiring a handyman. First do the research on who is offering which services at what rates. Then look for customer reviews and the past work they have done. Also, look for the best services within your area or vicinity. If possible, get recommendations from your family, friends, peers and colleagues if you want to get trustworthy services. . Before hiring a handyman, you should always ask for an estimate, most contractors and handymen will provide this for free. Do not enter into a contract without negotiating a price first. Pricing beforehand gives you clarity on how much the work is going to cost you.

Similarly, if you want the contract to be clear in terms, clarify the scope of the project earlier. Do not add tasks and tell them all areas that are in need of repair. Identify and state all the tasks exclusively so nothing important is left behind. The scope of the project covers all the necessary aspects such as date of completion, days it would take to complete the task, estimated price and the expectation you have with the project. Lastly, agree on payment terms before carrying out the task. Whether the payment would be made in cash, check or be paid online through e-transactions. Also clarify the percentage amount being paid before the task, during the task and after the task. All the payment terms should be clearly stated and communicated with the handyman.

Don’ts of Hiring Handyman

You must’ve heard that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. As discussed before the dos of hiring a handyman, now we move on to the don’ts of hiring a handyman. There are certain points to consider that should be keenly noted prior to hiring. The first step is to do your homework. Do not pick any random handyman without prior research and recommendations as it can cause you both financial and physical loss in terms of injury, damage to property or hiring a not-so-trustworthy individual. Don’t procrastinate and hire someone without background knowledge and research. Secondly, don’t assume that all handyman is the same. Handymen are different in their skillsets and expertise. Their maintenance and repair work might have different styles and some might be experts in some tasks while others might be masters in others. A person good at faucet installation might not be able to fix a roof with proficiency.

The third point to be noted is that don’t skip over the contract. Always be clear and concise in your contract stating exclusively all the points that you intend to cover. Do not consider this contract as a worthless piece of paper as stating each clause can make the legal contract binding and permissible in law. Don’t make the mistake of making full payment upfront. The handyman can take all payments and then refuse to do the work. This also goes for other contractors. When discussing payment terms, consider communicating how and what amount will be paid at what stage. It could lead to a financial loss if you pay the full amount upfront. Consider changing the handyman if the request is made for such. Lastly, don’t micromanage the project. Don’t interfere in their work and take over the project. They are experts in their work and better know what to do.

Tips for Successful Client-Handyman Relationship

A few tips can be useful for maintaining a healthy relationship between the service provider and the client. The most important aspect is communication. You should always be clear and respectful in communicating stating all the terms to maintain a healthy relationship. Secondly, set realistic expectations. They are not robots or magicians who would work tirelessly for your dreams to be achieved. Be realistic in projects and set a fair timeline with a fair amount to keep up with good relations. Be flexible in your dealings. Do not stay stubborn. Understand their side of the story and take the route in-between before the relationship takes a negative turn. Provide access and safe working space to the handyman. Making them work outside in extreme heat or cold is harmful to their health, ensure that working conditions are appropriate and safety is provided to them. Also, give them proper access to where work is to be carried out. Lastly, if you genuinely like the job, expressly appreciate the job well done. It can motivate the handyman and will also increase your respect in the eyes of servicemen.


We have shed light upon the dos and don’ts of hiring a handyman. These are some important points that you should consider. Always do the homework and agree on payment terms that should be explicitly stated within the contract. But don’t overburden them, be flexible and don’t follow the ‘all are the same’ rule here. To maintain healthy relationships, always communicate, appreciate good jobs, give a safe working environment and set your expectations based on reality. Now you have a good idea of what to do and what not. Be sure to make a checklist before you hire a handyman. Or you can always read it here to cross-check all the requirements.

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